Clarity in sight

Bryan Joelson-Mulhall

06 November 2023


Isn’t it funny how time flies! We’re already well into autumn, and in case the news has somehow escaped your attention, on Sunday the clocks went back an hour.

There’s always a bit of excitement when the clocks change at this time of year. Some people are sighing at the perceived lack of sunlight in the days ahead, while others are looking forward to their sudden extra hour of sleep.

Like it or not, as we chase towards the winter equinox, the sunset is getting a little earlier with each passing day. What does that mean for us golf fans? Well, it does mean that we’ll be hoping to play a little more speedily in order to beat the declining sunlight.

Thankfully, modern golf technology lets us see more of the course than ever before. Thanks to very accurate GPS data, you can now get the perfect yardage readings to different sections of the green. Please join us as we discuss how the latest GPS watches and Laser Rangefinders from Garmin are illuminating the golf course like never before.


The Approach S70 GPS Golf Watch

Recommended for: High-handicap golfers that want to improve their game


GPS golf watches are the peak of on-course convenience. By connecting to overhead satellites, they can pick up incredibly accurate data to give you startlingly precise yardage readings. All while the device is strapped to your wrist.

The Approach S70 from Garmin is a lot of fun to use. The watch has a full-colour screen that shows the various fairways, hazards, greens, and yardage readings in rich and vivid detail.

When we conducted a recent survey, we found that 43% of respondents liked using GPS Watches the most when it comes to Distance Measuring Devices.

The watch face is a touchscreen and can be easily navigated by your finger, so you don’t need to rely solely on pressing any small buttons.

A huge advantage of wearing this watch to the course is all the fascinating tech that’s ready and waiting for you on your wrist. You can view more than 43,000 preloaded courses in the gorgeous CourseView layout. You can even get a good idea of the green’s contours when you’re planning your approach shot, the watch can even let you know the slope direction and severity on selected courses.

Another excellent quality the S70 boasts is the enhanced PlaysLike Distance feature. This impressive function takes into account the trajectory of the slope on uphill and downhill shots, giving you the most accurate yardage readings possible.


The Approach S70s GPS Golf Watch


Garmin have also made a fantastic compact version of the S70, the Approach S70s. This watch has all the same great features as the standard S70 but has a smaller screen and watch strap that golfers with slighter wrists will find more comfortable to use. Perfect for lady golfers and juniors!

With all sorts of fitness tracking functionalities that come built-in with the watch, you’re getting a lot of quality components wrapped up in a tidy package. The instant yardage reading and course-mapping will give you a real sense of perspective, and your game a real confidence.


The Approach Z82 Laser Rangefinder

Recommended for: Pin-seeking single-figure handicap golfers


If you take your golf seriously, you’ll want to consider adding the Approach Z82 Rangefinder to your gear when you head out on the course from now on.

This wonderful bit of kit lets you hold some very powerful tech in the palm of your hand. When you look through the crystal-clear optics, you’ll have 6x magnification capabilities to see the hole ahead of you in all its glory.

One of the key features of the Garmin Approach Z82 Laser is how responsive it is. For example, the device gives you vibrational feedback when it locks onto the flagstick. This essentially means that the device gives your hand a little jolt to confirm it’s registering the correct target.

You’ll have the peace of mind to reach for the right club knowing the device has fixed on the flagstick and not a wayward tree in the distance. This little reassurance is a great little confidence booster, and will put you in the right mindset to pick out the best club and commit to your shot.

Just like in the S70 watch, the Z82 Laser features a version of Garmin’s PlaysLike mode. This functionality considers varying factors like the wind speed and direction when reading your target, giving you ridiculously sound clarity over the kind of shot you need to take.

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